Stop #1 – The Grand Canyon

Quick Facts
LocationGrand Canyon, Arizona
📍36.10692, -112.11294
DesignationNational Park
EstablishedFebruary 26, 1919
Official Website

I’m so excited that The Grand Canyon was one of the locations randomly picked! It is the closest location to me and the perfect starting point for our adventure this month!

The Grand Canyon is the 2nd most visited National Park in the United States, with an average of 6 million visitors per year! I wonder if all those visitors could fit into the 277 mile long, 1 mile deep, and 18 mile wide canyon!?

The foundations of the canyon are nearly 2 billion years old when two plates of the Earth’s crust collided, when rows of volcanic islands merged together. With the extreme heat and pressure, the volcanic islands were transformed into the dark colored rocks near the bottom of the canyon.

Approximately 6 million years ago, waters rushing off of the Rocky Mountains formed the Colorado River. As the Colorado Plateau rose, the river cut into it, carving the canyon over time.

The Grand Canyon has lodging and camping at both the South and North rim, being seasonally available at the North rim because it snows❄️! Yes, it snows in Arizona!

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