What’s the difference between a Personal Shopping Appointment (PSA) and a Nail Bar/Party?

A Personal Shopping Appointment is a quick way for you (and a few of your friends) to shop my on hand sets (the Atelier Assortment) and take some Color Street sets home with you. Of course, we can always place an order for sets that I don’t have on hand – I always want you to get the sets that you want! Plus I often have retired sets that you cannot get on my Color Street website anymore (hello Unicorns ?).

While both options have rewards, the Nail Bar/Party option has a personalized shopping link that you can give to friends (to earn more free sets) who cannot make the party and is available for up to two months.

Take a look at the differences below and choose the option that best fits your shopping style and needs. Either way, I’ll be there to help you pick out some sets (because there’s always just soooo many great choices), answer any questions you have, and just have a great time!

Personal Shopping Appointment (PSA)Nail Bar/Party
Cost to You$0$0
Durationup to 30 minutes1 – 3 Hours
(Personal Shopping Link can be open for up to 59 days)
# of Attendees
including yourself
LocationIn Person (location TBD)*
Phone (Text/Call)
Virtual (FaceTime, Zoom or Facebook Room)
In Person (location TBD)
Text Message or Facebook Messenger
Virtual (Zoom, Facebook Room, or Facebook Live)
Facebook Group
Other (we will find what works best for you!)
Set AvailabilityAtelier Assortment* and
Color Street Website
Color Street Website
ShippingShipping charges apply for all Phone/Virtual PSA’s
and any Color Street Website Orders
Shipping charges apply for all orders
(except hostess rewards if sales are over $300 USD)
Personal Shopping LinkNoYes
Payment Methods AvailableCash*, Credit Card, Venmo*, CashApp*Credit Card, PayPal
Rewards50% off 1 Set for Each Additional Person
you bring to your PSA

1 Friend = 50% off 1 Set
2 Friends = 100% off 1 Set
3 Friends = 1 Free Set + 50% off 2nd Set
4 Friends = 2 Free Sets

Total PSA Sales > $300 = 1 Free Set
Color Street Party Rewards Program (subject to change)

?? US Hostess Party Rewards
Party Sales / Free Product Credit / 50% off Items
$150 – $299 / 10% / 1
$300 – $599 / 15% / 3
$600 – $999 / 20% / 6
$1000 + / 25% / 9

?? Canadian Hostess Party Rewards Program info available
Access to Hostess Exclusive SetsNoYes – if available from Color Street (subject to change)
Nail Care and Gift Items AvailableYesNo
Ready to Schedule?Select Personal Shopping
Appointment Category Below
Select Nail Bar/Party Category Below
*Available to ?? US Customers Only – Personal Shopping Appointments available for Canadian Customers (PSA Details will vary)

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