2022 Vision Board

I have a vision and goals for 2022 – something that is still new to me. But I figured that by sharing here, into the world, where someone may stumble upon it would help to hold me accountable.

My word for 2022: GROWTH

Why Growth? Well, the more I thought about it, everything I want to achieve revolves around growing. Growing my business. Growing our wealth. Growing as a person. Growing in our relationship.

I know to have Growth in all of these areas, I need to use my other “power words” as a guide.

Consistent: I need to be consistent in how I show up. I need to be consistent in how I perform. I need to be consistent in my results.

Focus: Well, let’s just be honest – this is one I always struggle with – can you say “oohhh… shiny ✨”

Committed: No, not committed to an insane asylum, but committed to myself, committed to the journey I’ve signed up for. Committed to our relationship. Committed to growing my business.

Balance: I’m sure there’s plenty of reasons to be a work-aholic (ahem, I’m sitting here writing this at 10:30 PM), but when I wrote down this word, I didn’t just envision a work-life balance (because I feel like I’m pretty good at this for my 9-5). I envisioned more of a feeling. I dunno; we’ll just have to see where this one goes, and I’m ok with that!

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