July 2022 Recap & August Hostess Exclusive

July Recap

Oh wow, July has just flown by! With July coming to an end it means exciting things are just around the corner, but first lets visit what happened this past month:

Retiring sets means new sets are on the horizon, and I cannot wait to see what is coming, which I’m hoping to get a sneak peek of at the upcoming Color Street Conference – and OMG, I’m excited! I’m going in person this year and anticipate having sooooo much to share with you!

Join in July for only $79

Stylist Join Kit, 2022

This is insane! ONLY $79 for 13 Sets and so much more.

Start your own Color Street business and make some extra money (because you know we can all use that!) or just buy your own sets and get a discount; your choice.

August Hostess Incentive


This subtle, glittery blue and white design evokes the magical glow of summer evenings

The only way to get this gorgeous shade is to host a Nail Bar in AUGUST. I have lots of options of ways for you to have a nail bar, so let’s find the perfect one for you (fill out the super short form below!).

What is the best way to contact you? Choose several

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