Applying Color Street to your Munchkin’s nails!

I may not have kids, but I do have 3 super amazing nieces! One can do her own nails with Color Street because she’s old enough. My middle niece “demanded” to her mom that I do her nails when I saw her next (we live a state apart ?), but since that happened, last year, in quarantine, we still haven’t done her nails – don’t worry though, she picked out some amazing sets and they’re stored in a super safe place!

For those of you who have munchkins at home and want to have matching nails, check out this great video tutorial on how to maximize your nail sets, and get a great application for your own kids!

Check out this video if you think your kid may be able to do it on their own!

Color Street Dry Nail Polish Strips are 100% real nail polish and are not a kids product and should be treated as such.

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