A Blast to the Past

Can you believe the 80’s started 40 years ago! I definitely can’t, because it means that I’m now 40! How and when did that happen? If you know, leave me a comment.

The 1980’s are a nostalgic time for a lot of us, we were kids and teens, and the decade and its style played a big part in our lives. Many of us (including me) were happy to see the bright colors and bold geometric shapes go (and hope they didn’t come back), but alas, they’re back and they’re making an impact. You can see the 80’s influence in the current fashion and beauty trends, and Color Street is hopping on the trend train with the new Retro Pop mini-collection.

With five super rad styles, including three bold graphic designs and two clear glitter overlays, the most difficult decision is which set you will most definitely be wearing first!

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